- 2" x 150' Tennis Court Marking Tape

- 2" x 150' Tennis Court Marking Tape
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2" Foil backed tennis or basketball court marking tape in 150 foot rolls. Available in yellow and white. Self adhesive, conformable, aluminum based product. Semi permanent or temporary applications. Can be removed. (Note - tape is fine for straight lines but is not flexible enough to create curved lines.)

This product is often used to create temporary tennis, basketball or pickle ball courts and where the use of paint is not practical or desired.

Our tape is simple to install with no special equipment or contractor required. If the tape gets damaged it just takes a few minutes to replace the damaged piece. It is about as thick as normal traffic or floor paint and has a durable, reflective surface. The tape's aggressive adhesive and conformable foil backing insure that when properly applied your white or yellow lines will remain in place. It can be removed if necessary. Longevity depends on wear level and proper installation. The tape performs best on smooth surfaces where all of the tape can make contact with the surface. The tape MUST be pressed onto the surface VERY WELL for it to perform properly. A rubber tired dolly with weight on it is often sufficient. For large projects we suggest you install a roll of the tape first to determine if it will meet your requirements. Sand, dirt, oil, curing paint or sealcoat will prevent this product from adhering properly.  It is always recommended that you test a small piece of the tape on your surface before applying larger amounts. Click here to see our installation pictures.

INSTRUCTIONS - To install our court striping tape simply apply it to a clean, dry surface and press it on so that it completely conforms to the surface. The temperature should be in excess of 50 degrees. Dry, clean, sun warmed asphalt or cement is ideal. Best adhesion can be achieved by going over the tape with a heavy rubber tire (dolly) roller or by using your vehicle tire. When using a vehicle be careful not to turn the steering wheel while on the fresh tape. Also, avoid applying the tape to damp asphalt or cement.  Also, it is best to apply when it has not rained in 48 hours. After application the tape is ready for use, however, full curing occurs after about 48 hours and it is best if it does not rain during this time as well.  I recommend you apply the tape and press it in very well.  Then after 24 - 48 hours press it in again.  It is always recommended that you test a couple of pieces on the surface you are going to mark and leave them down for a day or so.  If you need test pieces you can email me at steve@reflectivestore.com.

(We have tested this product with good results on smooth to relatively smooth fully cured cement and asphalt surfaces, painted surfaces where the paint is fully cured and aged, steel surfaces, and smooth wood surfaces after priming with contact cement.)

We carry the foil backed court tape in both WHITE and YELLOW. Click above to make your choice.