- 4" x 30' Preformed Thermoplastic Roll

preformed melt down white yellow blue red thermoplastic pavement road striping
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Price $79.99

Note - Yellow and White are currently available in 3 roll cases with a 3 case mimimum (9 rolls) Email me at steve@reflectivestore.com or call 850-934-3157 to order yellow.  We have BLUE in stock and available by the roll.

Our 4" x 30 foot preformed thermoplastic pavement marking tape ROLLS are designed to stripe asphalt parking lots, roads, bike paths and any other area where heavy duty, high visibilty delineation is needed. It is great for creating crosswalks, car spaces, stop pads, hazard areas, etc.. This product will last 5 times longer than paint and is non skid and reflective. Best of all, you can put it down yourself. No contractor required.

Our tape is simple to install using a broom and a propane torch. No contractor required. It is 90 mils thick and has a durable, reflective, non skid surface. Since this is a melt on type product the tape will conform and bond to moderately rough surfaces or smooth surfaces and is incredibly tough. When properly installed you will get years of service out of this material. It can handle any type of traffic.

To apply simply broom or blow off the dry, oil free area to be striped, heat the area with a propane torch to about 300 degrees, lay out the stripe and then slowly heat the surface of the stripe until a permanent bond is created. Once the material has cooled the area is ready for traffic. Please refer to the link below for complete instructions. It is important for this product to be installed properly. On cement surfaces it is important that you keep the torch moving as you heat the surface as to not overheat the cement. A temperature gun is helpful in determining if the surface is hot enough for application. Safety goggles are also recommended.

We sell this tape by the roll or by the case in WHITE, YELLOW (currently available by the case only), and HANDICAP BLUE.

* for red or yellow email steve@reflectivestore.com or call 850-934-3157

Available by the roll - $79.99 plus shipping
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parking lot striping tape


(For all other preformed thermoplastic products such as arrows, letters, symbols, etc..  CLICK HERE for our Pre-Mark Price List in a PDF format and then call us at 850-934-3157 or email me at steve@reflectivestore.com)